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Add On Shower Kit
190/42K2 Series

2200 Series 24" x 42" Shower Curtain Frame
190/42K2 Chrome
193/42K2 Brushed Nickel
197/42K2 Polished Brass

2200 Series 24" x 54" Shower Curtain Frame
190/54K2 Chrome
193/54K2 Brushed Nickel
197/54K2 Polished Brass

800 Series 24" x 42" Shower Curtain Frame
190/42K8 Chrome
193/42K8 Brushed Nickel
197/42K8 Polished Brass

800 Series 24" x 54" Shower Curtain Frame
190/54K8 Chrome
193/54K8 Brushed Nickel
197/54K8 Polished Brass

Model Shown: 193/42K2
  • Riser Tube - 62" high x 5/8" O.D., 1/2" bushing for shower head, bottom thread is 3/8" I.P.
  • Shower Head - Regular spray ABS shower head, 2.5 G.P.M.
  • Curtain Frames - 24" x 42" and 24" x 54"
  • Ceiling support - Ceiling support is 30" high and 3/8" I.P.S., cut to fit adjustable
  • Wall support - Wall support is 10" long and cut to fit adjustable
  • Attachment Nut - 2200 series nut is 3/4" fm x 3/8"fm and 800 series nut is 1/2"m x 3/8" fm.

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