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Shower Curtain Rod Supports

150WS30 Series

Shower Curtain Rod Supports 10"
150WS10 Chrome
153WS10 Brushed Nickel
157WS10 Polished Brass

Shower Curtain Rod Supports 30"
150WS30 Chrome
153WS30 Brushed Nickel
157WS30 Polished Brass

Shower Curtain Rod Supports 48"
150WS48 Chrome
153WS48 Brushed Nickel
157WS48 Polished Brass
  • Wall and ceiling supports for shower curtain rods
  • 10", 30" and 48" sizes are available
  • Cut to fit adjustable
  • Designed for 150 curtain frame
  • 5/8" O.D.
  • 3/8" I.P.S.

Model Shown: 150WS30

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