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The Clear Spa® System
Any of the baths in the Clearwater Collection can be factory fitted with our own patented Clearspa System.
The unique encapsulated air jets strategically placed on the bottom of the bath provides an action that is relaxing and refreshing for all users.
Clear Spa System
Touch Control for Spa
4 Button control pad with 3 different modes
- Mode 1, Slowly varies motor speed from off to Max to create a wave like motion
- Mode 2, Repetition of max speed to off making a pulsing sensation.
- Mode 3, Constant mode with no variations
- Increase/Decrease speed control
- Automatic self draining and drying

Heated motor, to prevent cold air entering bath.
- Relieves stress
- Detoxifying
- Positive Impact on health & well being
- Regulates body temperature
- Relaxes Body & Mind
- Calming effects
- Improves blood circulation
- Conditions skin
- Stimulates breathing patterns
- Calming effects
Air Bath System

The Clear Spa System controls are not only easy to operate, but are inherently safe.
The system itself is both self-draining and drying for the ultimate in hygiene and cleanliness. The Clearspa System comes ready for installation with all pipe work and controls fitted. The non- Return Valve is a safety feature that prevents any water from getting to the blower and causing any damage. The blower runs for 20 min. automatically turning itself off, another safety feature preventing the blower from over heating.

System Components
1 Air blower UL, ULC approved
1 Electronic touch pad + LV cable
1 Long hose air supply (3m approx)
1 Short hose air supply (1m approx)
with hose cuffs and non return valve fitted
4 Hose clips
2 Hose cuffs

Where baths are fitted with tap holes, the electronic touch pad will be fitted on the bath. Where baths don't have tap holes the touch pad will be supplied loose to be fitted externally by the plumber. The blower for the 'Clearspa' system is guaranteed for 1 year and is covered by the manufacturers terms and conditions as explained in the brochure included in the packaging.
Air Jet Holes

Clear Spa Air System Vs. Whirlpool Systems
The Clear Spa System uses only air to provide a soothing massage making the bathing experience more relaxing and spa like. Whirlpool baths tend to be a more forceful massage potentially creating an uncomfortable ambiance.

The Clear Spa Air System allows for oils and other aromatherapy treatments inside the bath without causing damage to the bath or Clear spa System. Most Whirlpool systems do not allow such treatments.

Clear Spa System FAQ'S
Download PDF

Installation Instructions
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Blower Specifications
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Clearwater Collection

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